Data Storage

Samiteon has invested significant resources into understanding storage industry. Samiteon has the expertise to architect, implement, manage, and support the right storage solution for your workload environment and align it with business objectives to make the most impact.

With the right approach, architecture, and deployment, storage can provide competitive advantages and reduce the capital and operational costs of your data centers.

Flash Storage: In today`s fast pace, business is all about speed and agility and Flash is the high-octane storage media behind it. Our commitment to future innovation continues to increase the value of Flash for your applications and your business.

Flash array: It provides vastly superior performance; fewer spikes in latency, better disaster recovery, support of real-time analytics, much faster data transfer rates, and the ability to free IT staff to focus on other tasks. All-Flash Arrays provide the foundation for next-generation business applications, and the All-Flash data center.

Object Storage: An object is a piece of data paired with any associated metadata that provides context about the bytes contained within the object. Two things the data and metadata together—make an object. The Data stored in objects is uncompressed and unencrypted, and the objects themselves are arranged in object stores